What is ‘CultuRAbile’?

The word CultuRAbile (the accent is on ‘rà’) sounds Italian. It means something like ‘culturable’. The word does not actually exist in Italian, however…

Voor de Santa Maria Novella in Florence.

Explanation on the square

… it touches the core of what this one-man business is all about: to experience culture together. CultuRAbile wants to research culture in its broadest sense, to explain it, to comment on it, and to contextualise it. This is done with unique and often custom-made tours, city walks, lectures etc. A one-hour tour can be booked for EUR 85. A one-and-a-half-hour tour or walk will be EUR 120. Longer tours are possible. Walks take at least two hours at EUR 185 (walking time, this does not include optional coffee or lunch breaks). Lecture fees are available on demand. All prices include VAT. Prices are per activity.